Luigi Bormioli Lock Eat Xl Seals – Set 6

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Luigi Bormioli Lock Eat Xl Seals – Set 6 replacement natural rubber gasket sold in packs of 6 pieces and compatible with the selected Lock Eat preserving jars. It is recommended to wash the gaskets by hand and to use them only once.

Fits both 500ml and 1L carafes

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Luigi Bormioli Lock Eat Xl Seals – Set 6

  • Food safe natural rubber gasket
  • Suitable for canning
  • Eco friendly
  • Made in Italy

One of the most renowned glassware manufacturers in the world – offering the mark of Italian quality. Art, creativity aesthetic inventiveness, continuous innovation and quality standards are all key factors and synonymous with Luigi Bormoili.

Created with the unique proprietary SON.hyx to strengthen and keep its ultra clear brilliance thru 4,000 dishwashing cycles.

Developed and registered by Luigi Bormioli, SON.hyx® crystal glass is high-tech blown lead-free crystal glass that is eco-friendly and does not contain lead or any other heavy metals.

The Titanium difference is what sets Luigi Bormioli apart from all other glassware. The glassware stems are treated with a permanent anti-abrasion treatment that’s applied directly to the glass. This unique method dramatically increases the resistance to breakages by 140%

Additional information

Weight 0.056 kg
Dimensions 1.5 × 12.5 × 7.5 cm
Product Colour


Care Instructions

Dishwasher Safe

Product Composition

PP 70% ABS 7% TPR 2% Stainless Steel 20% Silicone 1%


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