Pasabahce Botanic Tube Vase 26.5cm

$13.08 inc. GST

Pasabahce Botanic Tube Vase 26.5cm. A modern vase featuring tall straight sides, which help keep flowers upright. A heavy bases ensure it stays steady hen full of water.

  • Pasabahce Quality
  • Made in Turkey

Pasabahce Botanic Tube Vase 26.5cm


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Paşabahçe is the world’s and Europe’s second largest producer of glassware.

In 1935, they began producing 100% handmade glassware from soda glass. They have been since upgraded their processes to be more automated, while still maintaining the quality the brand has always offered.

They focus on meeting the needs or household consumers, hospitality and catering as well as in many industrial applications.

Their heat-resistant glassware has seen them as a worldwide leader in the industry. We highly recommend their products to all who enquire. They’ll assist your business or home with tough, timeless and attractive glassware.

Additional information

Weight 0.68 kg
Dimensions 0.001 × 0.001 × 0.001 cm


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