Soehnle Digital Kitchen Scale Page Compact 300 Marble

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With its high weighing capacity of 5 kg and 1 g increment precision, the Soehnle Page Compact 300 Marble digital kitchen scale is suitable for everyday use. Its modern design makes it a special gem in your kitchen. The natural marble look evokes a stylish presence.

Thanks to its chic appearance you can keep the kitchen scale on your surface or hang it on the wall – it will blend beautifully into the room. The 12 mm LCD display is very practical, making the digits easy to read. The scale is easy to use with the Soehnle patented sensor touch. Unlike the versions with keys, the model does not have any buttons which could gather dirt. This makes it easy to clean.

Naturally, the household scale is fitted with an automatic switch-off function and therefore making the scale very energy efficient. The tare weighing function allows ingredients to be weighed conveniently in one bowl when baking and cooking.

The Page Compact 300 Marble digital kitchen scale is provided with anti-slip feet so it will remain stable on its surface when in use The extra-slim, compact design means it can be stored away in a space-saving way or hung on the wall. Batteries are included so your digital scale is ready for use immediately. These will last for over two years if you use the scale twice a day. The battery compartment is childproof, secured firmly with screws.

  • High weighing capacity of 5 kg and 1 g increment precision
  • 12 mm LCD screen for easy readability of the digits
  • Practical tare function for convenient weighing of different ingredients in one bowl
  • Patented sensor touch display is easy to use and clean
  • Space-saving storage thanks to its extra-slim and compact design
  • Automatic switch-off function saves energy
  • The anti-slip feet ensure the Page Compact 300 Marble digital kitchen scale remains still on the work surface whilst in use.
  • The scale can be hung on the wall easily
  • Childproof battery compartment secured with screws
  • Ready to use as batteries are included
  • Display weighing units are easy to switch between g and lb


Founded in 1868, Soehnle is the expert in precision measurement, weighing and analysis.

Soehnle is a leading brand for personal scales and kitchen scales.

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