Stanley Rogers Cheese Pistol Grip Spreader Acacia

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The round blade is perfect to spread your favourite quince, pâté or creamy cheese. The acacia wood handle feels comfortable while adding a natural feel to your cheese platter.

Wash before first use. Hand wash recommended. Always dry thoroughly after washing.

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Since 1930, Stanley Rogers has been renowned for quality, craftsmanship and timeless style. Australia’s most iconic cutlery brand.

In 1930, Stanley Rogers, a young charismatic entrepreneur, made his first mark by opening a small retail store on Elizabeth Street in the heart of Melbourne. While sharpening knives and repairing cutlery, Stanley developed a deep understanding of his customers’ needs and the technical nuances of premium cutlery.

Driven by a passion for the highest standards, Stanley acquired a cutlery factory in Sheffield, England. Sheffield is recognised worldwide as the City of Steel and was the heartland of cutlery production. Personalised quality control, combined with the best available materials and bespoke designs became the signature of the Stanley Rogers brand.

Over many generations, Stanley Rogers not only gained recognition as a leading manufacturer of stainless steel cutlery, but also as a specialist for premium dining and kitchenware products.

Today, Stanley Rogers retains the highest quality and craftsmanship, while our designers are committed to honouring Stanley’s timeless style.


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Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 28 cm
Care Instructions

Hand wash recommended

Product Colour


Product Composition

Acacia Wood, Stainless Steel


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