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Introducing the Simply Foundation – Made Possible with Your Support!
Introducing the Simply Foundation – Made Possible with Your Support!

Atosa 3 Swing Doors Back Bar Cooler

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Catering Equipment. Back bar coolers like this are commonly used in bars, pubs, and restaurants to store and display bottled beverages while keeping them chilled and easily accessible for customers.

This model with three swing doors likely offers even more storage capacity compared to models with fewer doors, making it suitable for establishments with a high demand for chilled beverages.

If you're considering this back bar cooler, you might want to review its specifications, such as its dimensions, capacity, temperature control features, and energy efficiency. Additionally, consider factors like the layout of your bar area and how well this cooler would fit into your existing setup.

Atosa 3 Swing Doors Back Bar Cooler

Product Information
More Information
Doors    3 Doors
Refrigeration Volume    330
Width    1350
Depth    530
Height    835
Type    Bar Fridges
Ambient Temperature    41 degree

Atosa- Simply Hospitality

Atosa Catering Equipment, a high-tech enterprise founded in 2002, is a leading manufacturer in the commercial kitchen equipment industry, boasting scientific research, design, and sales expertise.

A respected member of China's Kitchen Utensils Chamber of Commerce, Atosa's commitment to quality and innovation extends to its recent expansion to the UK, operating from new facilities in Northampton. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies from Italy, Japan, and Germany,

Atosa offers over 300 products across commercial refrigeration, freezers, ice-making machines, display units, and chafing dishes, aiming to establish itself as the premier brand in the catering equipment sector.

  • 3 Doors Refrigeration Type
  • Bar Fridges Ambient Temperature
  • Best Suited To Best Suited To
  • Dimension 1350x530x835
  • Weight

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