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Introducing the Simply Foundation – Made Possible with Your Support!
Introducing the Simply Foundation – Made Possible with Your Support!

CookTek Pizza Delivery Bag

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$293.59 - $331.47
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CookTek Pizza Delivery Bag is part of the Hot Pizza Delivery System. Manufactured with the unique VaporVentTM system.
Suitable for holding pizza at a temperature of over 68°C for a length of 45 minutes. In addition, it remains efficient, quick, and fuss-free, there are no cords attached to the bag,
Brand: CookTek Size: 16"
Brand: CookTek Size: 18"

CookTek Pizza Delivery Bag
  • VaporVent feature reduces the moisture in a bag to reduce the possibility of pizzas going soggy
  • Each bag holds 3 x 406mm (16”) pizza’s
  • Dimensions of 470mm xc 470mm x 38mm
Nobody orders cold soggy food - so why deliver it? Use the CookTek® FlashPak™ & Thermacube systems and associated VaporVent™ bags to deliver piping hot food.
  • The FlashPak™ discs are installed in a pouch inside the bags and can be reused in replacement bags.
  • Each bag can hold 3 pizzas (max) at over 68˚C for 45 minutes
  • Automatic and simple red light/green light operation
  • No cords attached to the bags
  • For food types other than pizzas, the unique ThermaCube™ FlashPak™ sits in the bottom of the bag and naturally convects warm air without moving parts
  • 12-month parts and labour warranty
CookTek Commercial Induction Products
CookTek ® brings commercial kitchen equipment to a whole new level. They have advanced, efficient induction cooktops, countertop burners, food warmers, and more. Professional cooks enjoy using CookTek due to the higher productivity, substantial energy savings, and safer cooking environments. Due to the induction cooktops, it also creates better quality food. CookTek logo

  • Bag Size Small Bag, Large Bag

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