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Welcome to our new site. Better experience - same great products!

Flonal Cookware Pepita Deep Frypan 28cm

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Elevate your everyday cooking with Pepita Granit—a cookware designed for healthy and delicious dishes without the need for added fat.

Cook with ease and style with Pepita Granit.

    Designed for everyday cooking, Pepita Granit offers a high-quality non-stick coating which allows you to cook tasty and healthy dishes without adding fat.

    The Granit internal non-stick has an attractive stone effect finish with excellent abrasion and scratch resistance, with a special anti-slip finish on the bottom. 

    • Mineralite non-stick coating
    • Made in Italy
    • Thick aluminium bottom
    • Designed for daily use
    • Excellent heat distribution
    • Easy to clean
    • Dishwasher safe
    Flonal is part of the sound Italian industrial tradition.

    Since 1985, the company has been a point of reference in the production of non-stick aluminum cookware.

    The quality of the products and the careful investment in technological innovations have guaranteed its growth and influential presence also internationally.

    -Simply Hospitality

    “Knowing that people all over the world use our cookware is a source of immense pride. I believe that the pan is the artist’s palette with which the chef creates their works of culinary art, in a triumph of colors, flavours and fragrances. And this is also a great responsibility!”-The President Paolo Andreani

    • Care Instructions Dishwasher Safe
    • Product Colour Cooper
    • Product Composition Aluminium
    • Warranty 12 months-Domestic
    • Dimension 6cm x 28.5cm x 47cm
    • Weight 1.07

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