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Introducing the Simply Foundation – Made Possible with Your Support!
Introducing the Simply Foundation – Made Possible with Your Support!

Giorik 700 Series Electric Solid Top

Original price $6,458.94 - Original price $6,979.82
Original price
$6,458.94 - $6,979.82
Current price $6,458.94
Giorik 700 Series Electric Solid Top. Precise and efficient cooking has never been so easy. The European design provides the perfect solution for high volume kitchens where several dishes can be cooked in unison at different temperatures, giving Chefs the ultimate flexibility.
Operating at evenly distributed temperatures from 50°C to 400°C the powerful targeted plates have excellent heat retention and corrosion resistant characteristics. Pair the 700 Series Solid Top on Open Base with other Giorik 700 Series equipment for a seamless line up.
4.2kW 400mm Wide - Electric 2 x 2.1kW cooking zones / Countertop TE720TT
10.4kW 400mm Wide - Electric 4 x 2.1kW cooking zones / Countertop TE720GT

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Giorik 700 Series Electric Solid Top

  • Class leading, European style, professional quality and reliability since 1963
  • 700 series, ultra-thick, reinforced radiant plate with 4 independent cooking zones
  • Heating elements with Hi-limit temperature protection
  • Temperature regulation via thermostat (50°C – 400°C)
  • Robust 304 grade stainless steel construction with rounded corners for improved cleaning
  • Removable grease tray
  • Height adjustable stainless steel feet for a 900mm working height
  • 24-month warranty
Giorik Commercial Cooking Equipment
Giorik provides the highest quality commercial cooking equipment together with patented innovative technologies and extreme versatility, all at a competitive price point. Giorik’s class leading, European design and engineering have been operating in the professional food service equipment industry since 1963. The Giorik combi oven range and salamanders have had a very successful launch into the New Zealand market. As such, the range has been further extended to include a range of modular cooking equipment. The new range now also includes boiling tops, target tops, cooking ranges, frytop griddles, commercial induction cooktops, commercial char grills, fryers, pasta cookers, bain maries, bratt pans and boiling pans. Meeting the various needs of the global market, Giorik modular offer sleek as well as modern solutions, packed with unique features and technology. Configure the perfect line-up by selecting and matching units that fit seamlessly together, while creating a custom solution to suit any kitchen.

  • Warranty 24-month warranty (Terms and conditions apply)
  • Power / Load 23 MJ/h, 46 MJ/h, 74.8 MJ/h
  • Model 1. 400mm Wide - Electric Countertop, 2. 800mm Wide - Electric Countertop

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