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Vitamix ASCENT Series AER Blade Jug 1.4L

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Vitamix ASCENT Series AER Blade Jug 1.4L is a revolutionary new way to master culinary techniques like whipping, muddling, foaming and emulsifying with your Vitamix.

Vitamix ASCENT Series AER Blade Jug 1.4L The secret is in the Aer disc, which pulls liquid ingredients through small holes in the spinning disc, aerating and emulsifying them, while firmer ingredients like ice, fruit, and herbs are agitated but not puréed. The Aer disc container excels at producing creamy emulsions, light foams, stiff whipped creams and effortless craft cocktails. So whether you're shaking up a Martini or whipping up Ailoi, the Aer disc container is your key to perfect results every time.

  • 1.4L Capacity with Interlock lid
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • BPA-Free Eastman Tritan
  • Unique Aer Disc
  • Recipe and techniques eBook
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • ***Compatible with all Vitamix Ascent blenders.***
About Vitamix
Finally, a true high-performance blender meaning you never have to choose between flavour, simplicity, and nutrition. For 100 years Vitamix has created relationships for life by designing, developing and producing the world’s best performing and most reliable blending solutions. #feedyourlife Explore all the amazing things you can make in every Vitamix blender because we’re so much more than smoothie makers. We’re dreamers and doers, and on a journey to infuse healthy, delicious food into our lives. Hot soups, baby food, flours & doughs, nut butter, frozen desserts, batters, dressings & sauces, dips & spreads - the options are endless! The Vitamix blender is your baby’s best friend for creating baby food that is pure, fresh, nutritious, and natural. Make velvety purées for your baby to eat today. Or freeze whole batches of baby food in ice cube trays and always have a healthy meal on hand.
Owners worldwide quickly realise just how much flavour, time and nourishment Vitamix can unlock. Here are a few reasons to consider making a Vitamix blender part of your daily routine too:
  • You'll use it every day
  • Healthy food never tasted so good
  • Food waste becomes a thing of the past
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • It's built to last!

  • Colour Clear
  • Product Composition Plastic
  • Warranty 3 Years - Domestic Use (NZ Only)
  • Dimension 25.9cm x 22.4cm x 17.4cm
  • Weight 1.5

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