About Us

We are here for hospitality - Simply.

The Journey Began in 2021

In a post-pandemic landscape the hospitality sector was in need of some good fortune. We thought we could assist by providing quality products at great prices with genuine versatility of practice.

Just like that Simply Hospitality was born.

Designed to be Simple

From it's very conception, Simply Hospitality has been designed to make the entire process as easy as possible.

Easy for us to manage and even easier for you to purchase.

A complete win-win for the industry.

Created to Support Kiwi Businesses

Wherever possible we are working with locally owned and operated businesses.

Almost all of our suppliers have a physical base in New Zealand which ensures we help support local livelihoods and our communities.

And we are just getting started...

While our range is already fairly extensive, we are constantly working on expanding that to further offer a complete suite of products for all prospective customers.

In fact, if you think we are missing something then please reach out and we will do our best to add it in!